Virginia Child Support Modification Retroactive

Those who are aware of supporting children know that it comes with a great deal of responsibility. Retroactive support for children is not only a future issue, even if it looks like a future issue. It is largely retrospective and deals with issues since the last injunction. If you are looking for a change or … Read more

VA Sex Crimes Lawyer

Crimes vary in intensity, and the resulting punishment varies accordingly. This deviation is also evident in the laws of the various states and countries. In the case of sexual offences, however, the view is quite uniform. Sexual offences are classed as serious offences and the defendants face serious consequences. If found guilty of a sex … Read more

VA Dui Laws First Offense

It is very important to get in touch with an experienced professional. A first offence can result in automatic disqualification and you will not be able to drive a car at all. First offences are usually quite serious and usually quite serious. It leads to a lot of problems in your life and it could … Read more

Temporary Restraining in Virginia

Pointing to restrictive orders in several states, Virginia issues protective orders to ensure that other people do not pose a physical danger to people. These commands can give you security from someone trying to harm you. These orders may impose criminal obligations on you. They are beheaded by a protective order, a court order or … Read more

Possession of Child Pornography Defense Lawyer

The state of Virginia has a strict legal and judicial system that deals with people who commit sex crimes against children. Child pornography, which is further divided into three categories: sexual abuse of children, exploitation of children and sexual exploitation of children, constitutes a large part of this crime. Each subcategory has its own laws … Read more

Louden Virginia telemarketing fraud laws

Telemarketing Fraud are active these days and do a different type of tricks with people to get money from them. They are trapping people in different ways. Counterfeit check is the popular type of the scam these days. In this method, a criminal sends a mail to the specific group of people in form of … Read more

Possession of a Controlled Substance in Hanover Virginia

Possession of controlled substance by any person or individual in Hanover, Virginia is a criminal often set under VA code § 18.2-250. The law enforcement first prove that the accused person or individual is intentionally and knowingly possessed a drug or controlled substance. The government must also prove that the drug is a controlled substance … Read more

Punishment for prostitution in Virginia

Punishment for prostitution in Virginia It is a fact that Virginia law strictly prohibits heinous crime of prostitution.  It comes under the section code of 18.2-346 and considers it as a criminal act that is hard for the person to save from the harsh punishment for prostitution in Virginia. If you are accused for the … Read more

Should I get a Lawyer for Reckless Driving in Virginia

In the state of Virginia, traffic laws are considered most stringent of all laws. A person who attempts to breach the laws will get adverse consequences. As far as an offense of reckless driving is concerned, it is the most common of all traffic crimes. When you are found an accused of reckless driving, you … Read more

Virginia Federal Mortgage Fraud Lawyer

Most often in Virginia, a “mortgage fraud” is committed by a consumer who lied, tends to hide, or give misleading information to secure a home loan greater than the cost of the buyer would qualify if he is committed to this fraud. This may include raising revenues and storing any money. In general, a buyer … Read more