Temporary Restraining in Virginia

Pointing to restrictive orders in several states, Virginia issues protective orders to ensure that other people do not pose a physical danger to people. These commands can give you security from someone trying to harm you.

These orders may impose criminal obligations on you. They are beheaded by a protective order, a court order or a judge’s order.

Not so long ago, a candidate seeking a protective order could simply get a request from a family or a family member.

But in 2010, the murder of UVA student Yeardley Love brought change to the Virginia General Assembly. The Virginia Protective Order Law has been amended to extend the extent to which this can be guaranteed.

Order is important to ensure the protection of the family unit and its individual members. The meaning of “abuse” can be found when cases are dealt with by families, family units or individuals and when a case is brought against a non-relative. However, such acts are not limited to criminal offences which cause substantial damage or expose one to the risk of serious bodily harm. Stephens’ case involved an ex who called the plaintiff forty (40) times in a short space of time and turned up unwanted in his father’s apartment. According to the court, the abuse happened so late that the later it was discovered, the higher the risk of violence.