Possession of Child Pornography Defense Lawyer

The state of Virginia has a strict legal and judicial system that deals with people who commit sex crimes against children. Child pornography, which is further divided into three categories: sexual abuse of children, exploitation of children and sexual exploitation of children, constitutes a large part of this crime. Each subcategory has its own laws and penalties for the crimes of child pornography.

This article focuses mainly on the possession of child pornography. Although this is a huge crime against children, its severity is somewhat reduced compared to production and distribution, as it does not directly affect children and minors, as production does.

Since we are in a golden age of technology and the Internet has all sorts of information at our fingertips about the world, it is very easy for people to access and possess child pornography.

Most of these people are unaware of the existence of child pornography, and it is only when they discover it that they realize the immense reach of this industry. Moreover, things have become so bad that many websites and apps, when accessed, have errors and viruses that download child pornography content without users “knowledge or consent.

Possession of child pornography is punishable in the US state of Virginia by a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. Sentencing depends on the crime committed during production and distribution. After a thorough investigation, the judicial authorities decide on a criminal offence. Defense attorneys have formed their legal team for the fight in Virginia. However, it has emerged that the defense legal teams carry out their own background checks and investigations before taking on the case and, if their client is convicted, they will drop the cases and seek a reduction in sentence. This shows that justice cannot escape in a state like Virginia, where everyone from the police to lawyers and courts is determined to serve justice. The only way for people who only hope to avoid mentioning their name on the sex offender list and to lead a normal life after the indictment is to contact the best defense lawyers who can come up with a plan to reduce prison sentences and fines and to reduce the need for defendants to register as sex offenders.