Virginia Weapon Charges and Penalties

In Virginia, .this type of offenses is described as the crimes in which charges are taken out very seriously. These crimes have many severe penalties also. A felony offense is more common in this state and also some of these have immediate penalties and charges that can be continued with the other type of charges. In Virginia, there are a lot of crimes that include usage, transfer, sale and the registry of many Weapon Charges and Penalties. Many charges are due to deadly weapons. These crimes are related to the possession of weapons or possession of weapons in certain places and also certain kind of weapons.

Highlighted points about possession of weapons:

Usually at the places of worship carry the pistol, gun, and other dangerous weapons is very strange act. This discussed under the law of code 18.2-283 in Virginia. Take the weapon at the court and the code for applying to the case is 18.2-283.1.Taking this to the airport and the code is 18.2-287.01 carry the loaded gun in the public the code for it is 18.2-287.4. If anyone is taking the weapon at the school and the code is 18.2-308.1. This state has many laws for using the weapon in wrong way. These are of different types and the charges and the penalties are also different for thes4e crimes and offenses. These types of offenses and charges are discussed in the e Virginia State.

Charges for these offenses;

In Virginia, these types of offenses are done and the court of laws is also described in details for the people living in this state for awareness.

Under the influence of alcohol:

If you are in the influence of alcohol or any other drug it is very illegal to hunt with any firearm, bow and the arrow .if somebody hunts if she/he under the effect of these drugs then the crime is considered as class misdemeanor and this state has the code against it which is 18.2-285.

Concealed weapon:

To carry concealed weapon, it is illegal in this state unless it is authorized by the court. This includes pistol, gun, blackjack, switchblade, revolver or any type of weapon that are not authorized by the law. If anybody carries these weapons that are banned by the court, then it is considered as the one class misdemeanor for first offense in this state. But these are also punished by the law under the code of Virginia section of court 18.2-308.

Using deadly weapon:

Setting up a deadly weapon is a serious crime in this state. These weapons cause physical harms to the person it may lead to the death of the person. These include knives and another sharp instrument that is not considered as the weapon or using for any evil deed or crime. In this state to set up the gun or weapon is a class one felony in Virginia and the code section is 18.2-281.


Weapon charges and Penalties are very severe in the state of the law in Virginia. There are many punishments for violating the law of state. It consists of fines, charges, probation, the prison in jail and the other penalties. Penalties may differ according to the severity of violence. There must be jail from 1 – 5 years in jail and fine is 2500 dollars. The prison may increase up to 12 months and the charges of 2500 dollars.