Louden Virginia telemarketing fraud laws

Telemarketing Fraud are active these days and do a different type of tricks with people to get money from them. They are trapping people in different ways. Counterfeit check is the popular type of the scam these days. In this method, a criminal sends a mail to the specific group of people in form of counterfeit checks. After that, they make a phone call from different international numbers. Once the person gets mail and phone call he starts believing in the person. he deposits a certain amount to the criminal’s account and thus lost money. In a similar way, the international lottery is also the type of this fraud. The scammer calls to the person that he has won the particular amount of the lottery.  He has to pay the 100$ to get the full amount of the lottery money in his account. In this way, the victim gets trapped and deposit the particular amount without knowing the consequence.

Telemarketing fraud laws

In all states of America, the telemarketing fraud is strictly prohibited, the person who makes this offense is liable to serious charges that include prison as well as fine. All penalties depend on the severity of the offense. Loudoun Virginia Telemarketing Fraud Laws state the person who convicts this offense is liable for jail as well as has to pay fine from $1000 to $3000.

Hire a lawyer to get your money back

Telemarketing fraud attorney works for finding such criminals and eradication of the crime from the society. The lawyers work to find out these criminals to stop them from making a further crime. In Virginia SRIS group of law have a team of specialized lawyers who are working for this crime for many years. It is the responsibility of our team to find out such criminals and prove their crime so that they get the penalties according to their crime.

In case if you are facing the telemarketing fraud it is your duty to narrate all incidence to the attorney to get full help. You can contact our legal advisors, take suggestions as well as file case against the criminal if you know him. The lawyer will discuss each and every aspect of the case with you. Describe the history of the incidence, as well as any evidence if you know about the case.

Your friendly discussion with our lawyer will help in to make the proper file for the case as well as he will able to describe everything to the judge during the hearing session. SRIS group of law assures you about the positive results after hearing session and you will get the justice on behalf of evidences.

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