Arlington Virginia Drug Crime Lawyers

The crime related to drugs in Virginia is very serious and requires an experienced Arlington Virginia Drug Crime Lawyers with very good experience. Since only experienced Arlington Virginia Drug Crime Lawyers, can help you in protecting your rights, investigating the possible protections, hold the government’s burden of proof and the effort to achieve the best results in the case.

The crimes related to drugs in Virginia are generally associated with the ownership or distribution of the drugs. For the charges associated with the possession of drugs, the charge varies according to the nature of the drugs. In addition to Marijuana possession misconduct, almost all drugs possession in the state of Virginia are regarded as the criminal offences. It is also not surprising that having ‘marijuana’ is not as bad as cocaine’.

To protect the people, the laws related to the possession of medications are generally based on the Code of Virginia § 18.2-250 that is also followed by Arlington Virginia drug crime lawyers. The law implies that to prove the presence of the drugs, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant possesses the drug intentionally. The key point here is the intention to keep the drugs. For prosecutors, this can be difficult and is the main justification for cases of drug use. For instance, the suspicious drugs found in people may differ from suspicious drugs found in a car or backpack.

Concerning to the penalties of committing drug crimes, it is stated that the maximum penalty for simple possession of illegal drugs is 10 years prison. According to the Article 18.2-251 of the Code of Virginia, for the first time, criminals, whether convicted of a criminal offence or a misdemeanour, can successfully complete their probation and avoid criminalization before entering the case. Here, it is fundamental to know that most of the crimes pertaining to the drugs, regardless of whether the vehicle is associated with the drug or not, lead to the suspension of the driver’s license for at least 6 months.

Similarly, the laws regarding the distribution of drugs can be found in the Code of Virginia under the section 18.2-248. The charges of drug distribution crimes are clearly worse, especially when these accusations occur near the schools in the state or when it comes to the weapons. The most common charge of distributing drugs is Possession With Intent to Distribute, about which Arlington Virginia drug crime lawyers are also aware. It implies that in an absence of evidence of the actual distribution of the drugs, the prosecutor would have an additional burden in the terms to prove whether the accused intended to distribute illegal suspect drugs or not, usually marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and so on.

The drug charge in Virginia is a severe legal circumstance. Therefore, if you have charged in Virginia due to drug-related crime, you should consult carefully with experienced Arlington Virginia drug crime lawyers and get the knowledge of protecting from such criminal activities. Since experienced lawyers also assist you in a better way and will give you complete opportunity to participate before charges are made and avoid the criminal exposure in future.